Did you know the Play station network was once under DDOS attack?

GTA- ‘Grand Theft Auto’ (a game) was first introduced in the year 1997. ‘GT’ is a series of racing simulation video games for play station platforms. This was the only game that focused only on racing cars. Grand Turismo is a racing adventure game which is developed by Polyphony Digital. It was the most engrossed and adventurous game since the time it got released.

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The main purpose of that game was to play with friends online around the world.  As the days moved on GT (Grand Turismo) also improvised with a much newer version. A better game than the previous version.

The latest version of GT is GTS (Grand Turismo Sport) as the purpose was likely to have more cars in the game, money, completing all the stages, and competing with friends around the globe online.

In the year 2017, all around the Globe, many people played the latest version of Grand Turismo Sport on Christmas Weekend that anticipated play station network that their servers were under DDOS attack.  

Play station network is a huge platform that was created for all the players to get in touch with friends while playing any games in play station or to track their statistics. These may be the angry gamers that may have been behind the web breaking DDoS attack in the year 2016.

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So much of activity that kept play station network/severs in the impression that their server is being attacked again like the incident which took place in the year 2016. In 2016, all the IP addresses were targeted by the attack were all named servers for the play station network, which is used by Dyn in order to connect visitor’s IP addresses. Due to which when the system went down it gave access to dozens of other services. Attacking those systems means attacking the whole system. Back then attackers were targeting the gaming infrastructure that accidentally disrupted Dyn broader customer base.

So after a long research of these activities, it was found that they were in the wrong impression of being attacked again due to mass login in their server/ networks on the 2017 Christmas weekend while playing Grand Turismo sports game all around the globe.

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