9 Popular Small & Medium Living Room Design Ideas

Living room is one of the most important rooms in your house. Its a place where you spend most of the time with your family. Furthermore, when you invite guests, its the primary place where they would be spending most of the time.

Since it’s one of the most important places in your house, it becomes important that you keep it presentable and in nice condition.

The living room is the first place that anyone will notice in your house (for most designs and in most cases). Therefore, if the room is not neat, tidy, or poorly designed it can leave a wrong impression and also make you feel embarrassed at times.

We have scanned the internet and social media to bring you some of the best living room ideas for small and medium houses.

Let’s get started…

1. Classy Living Room Idea

Credit: Mateo Fernandez via Unsplash

A beautifully mastered makeover of our living room by simply using regular stuff.

Using Lounging chairs, Small Sofa and some concealed ceiling lights make it more attractive and interesting.

This design makes optimum use of all the space available by smartly placing small standing lamps and pictures on the wall. It makes this design very interesting and beautiful.

Focusing ceiling light on the painting or your family pictures can make it more catchy. Furthermore, a Small table placed around the chair of the living area could be very useful in keeping all the stuff on it.

2. Living Room With Indoor Plants

Credit: Yehleen Gaffney via Unsplash

Here’s a cool living room makeover idea that will blow your mind and urge you to try on your house.

In this makeover, we can see how beautifully space is utilized i.e. flooring, windows, and the rest of the spaces.

The whole room’s background is white in color which matches any color and makeover.

A big Couch beside the Window and the small pot plants will definitely change the atmosphere and overall ambiance.

The flooring of this living room is covered with beautifully designed carpet, and shelves being placed below the window surface with books in it.

3. Living Room under Budget

Credit: Francesca Tosilini via Unsplash

If your living room is towards the sunlight then you must give a thought for this design.

We can see how cool the makeover is done by using basic stuff, for example, the wall behind the painting is colored as white, additionally, you can use any painting or family photo to hang on the wall that will make the looks more attractive and eye-catchy.

Most of the wires are concealed due to which it gives a clean and tidy look. There are two lamps placed at the corner, you can also use pot plants instead of that to make it even more beautiful and enhance the atmosphere and ambiance of the living room.

Different types of pot plants can be kept like scented plants that change the environment and gives a positive vibe while entering into the living room.

White color background and sunlight coming from the window further brighten up the whole living room in the day time, therefore making the living room look amazingly attractive.

The sofa in the middle, followed by the table and the carpet equally complement each other.

4. Grey layout Living Room

Credit: Sophia Kunkel via Unsplash

We can see how beautifully all the space in the living room is being used by placing all the useful things smartly.

Grey background wall looks beautiful especially due to the light color sofa and the table that is placed in the middle of the living room.

The use of the lights will be minimal if the living room window opens and if it’s facing sunlight. Book Shelf and pot plant is kept beside the sofa if you are a book reader, or else different things can be placed.

Moreover, Huge curtains on the windows would also give a slight classy touch to the interior.

Lastly, with wooden flooring, you can simply polish it to give a shiny look ahead of any festival or event.

5. Wooden Flooring and Large Window

Credit: Wes Hicks via Unsplash

This living room makeover is made with wooden flooring and white-colored wall and ceiling that brightens up the whole living room by reflecting the sunlight OR by using the bright concealed lights.

A big mirror on the wall or family photo could make the wall more interesting and decorative. Furthermore, A “L” shaped couch could make the best use of free space.

Shelves in the opposite wall can be very useful and looks equally amazing.

6. Classic White

Credit: Greg River via Unsplash

This is an amazing makeover that will change your mindset and urge to make your house like this, furthermore, a white background picture on the wall looks pretty amazing.

Two couch placed opposite to each other and a table in the middle looks great and stylish.

The flooring work is completely finished with polished wood. Shelves are painted white in color to match the color of the living room background.

7. Classic Living Room with Wooden Flooring

Credit: Patrick perkins via Unsplash

This kind of living room is very unique, as it makes use of many pot plants.

With this type of design, you can make use of indoor plants to promote healthy air and environment indoor.

Furthermore, few scented plants could also make it more interesting and enjoyable. One can sit on the couch and enjoy the atmosphere of the room because of the calmness these plants can bring.

As this living room has a window facing towards the sunlight, there is very minimal use of interior lights. A small table and chair look awesome with pot plants placed on it.

8. Wooden Centre Table and Grey Wall Layout

Credit: Israa Hilles via Unsplash

This is the most unique living room makeover because most of the living rooms are filled with fancy stuff and electronic devices.

The living room is fairly simple as it has an empty wall with just a simple painting hanging on the wall. To make it more beautiful you can use your won picture OR Television (By concealing wires).

This Livingroom comes with Wooden Flooring and with the goodness of an artificial tree to make it loom awesome. You can also use live pot plants to change the environment of the room. The wall beside the plant is kept natural to get the retro look.

9. Living room with White Background Layout

Credit: Sidekix media via Unsplash

White background of the whole living room and big painting on the wall looks very interesting.

Big Couch placed below the painting and a standing lamp beside it looks classy, all the spaces left in the house are used beautifully to decorate.

A table in the middle of the living room with a small pot plant on it changes the atmosphere. Opposite to it, there is a big plant at the corner which gives a positive vibe while entering the room.

This concludes the list of our 9 beautiful Living room design ideas for small and medium-sized houses.

Which design did you like the most? Do let us know.

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