4 Quick and Easy Egg Recipes that will please your taste buds

When it comes to breakfast or preparing something very easy and quick, the egg is the first thing that comes to mind (those who like eggs). Of course for vegetarians, the choice may differ, but those who like non-veg, the egg is their go-to food.

There are many vegetarians, who don’t eat non-veg but still eat eggs, the taste of egg is simply irresistible.

We have come up with 4 simple and delicious egg recipes, which is extremely tasty and can be prepared for breakfast or even for lunch.

1. Crunchy Fried Egg Stix

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We all have eaten an egg in conventional fried form, try this recipe below. This recipe is designed to please your taste buds.

Let’s take a quick look at the ingredients.

Ingredients required:

  1. Take 3-4 Eggs whisked
  2. Salt to taste
  3. 1 ½  table spoon black pepper
  4. ½ table spoon red chili powder
  5. ½  tablespoon Garam masala
  6. 2 Table spoon White Flour (Maida)
  7. 1 table spoon of Corn Flour.
  8. 1 small Maggi Masala
  9. Chili Flakes
  10. Bread Crumbs
  11. Cooking Oil

Have the ingredients ready? Let’s move on and learn how to make it.


  1. First take the 3-4 egg whisked, mix all the spices in it.
  2. Then take a pan and apply some oil to it.
  3. Pour the mixture into it.
  4. Cover it with the lid and let it steam for 10-15 minutes in low flame.
  5. When the egg is cooked, remove and separate it from the bowl.
  6. Slice the egg into pieces.
  7. Then take a 2 table spoon of flour (Maida also known as white flour) and 1 table spoon of Corn flour, post which add some Maggi masala and lastly add some chili flakes.
  8. Mix all the ingredients properly.
  9. Once the mixture is mixed properly, place it on a flat plate
  10. Take bread crumbs on a flat surface plate and take 2 egg beaten on a bowl.
  11. Now coat the egg slice with corn flour first and then with the egg, after that coat it with the bread crumbs thoroughly.
  12. Refrigerate the slice egg in deep freeze for 30-45 minutes.
  13. After that deep fry the sliced egg in oil until its golden brown, crisp & crunchy.

 So the Egg stick is ready now ready to serve.

This food is high in calorie, you can either eat this with bread or eat it just as it is without any fillers.

2. Egg Maggi Taco

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This is another dish that is extremely easy to make without needing any special ingredients. You will need simple ingredients that are readily available in your kitchen.

Let’s take a look at the ingredients needed to make this tasty egg dish.

Ingredients required:

  1. 1 Maggi & Maggi Masala
  2. 3-4 egg whisked
  3. ½ table spoon of chili flakes
  4. 1 table spoon of Oregano
  5. ½ table spoon of Black pepper
  6. Salt as per required taste
  7. Oil
  8. 2-3 slice cheese


  1. First boil the Maggi on low flame until it is cooked.
  2. Add the Maggi masala once it is cooked.
  3. Then take the whisked egg mix with all the spices
  4. Apply some oil and fry the egg on a low flame.
  5. As the egg fries, After 1 minute put the cheese slice 2-3 pieces (on egg, while it’s on the pan) and wait until it is settled with the egg.
  6. Then add the Maggi on top of it and spread it evenly on it.
  7. After that pour the remaining egg on top of the Maggi.
  8. Cook it for 3-4 minutes and fold it in half, so that the Maggi remains contained in it.
  9. The Egg Maggi is ready

Your Egg Taco is now ready to be served.

3. Egg Bread-Pizza

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Craving for a Pizza? here is the quickest way to prepare and make your Egg Bread pizza. This egg bread pizza is fulfilling and keeps you full for a longer duration.

Try this tasty home cooked food for your breakfast, it makes an excellent fit for those who are buyst throughout the day.

With this dish your cravings will surely go away.

Here are the ingredients needed to make this tasty dish.


  1. Take 3-4 eggs (whisked)
  2. 1 table spoon of chili flakes
  3. Salt as per taste
  4. 1 table spoon of black pepper
  5. 1 table spoon of Oregano
  6. Oil
  7. 3-4 bread slice
  8. ½ half capsicum sliced vertically
  9. ½ tomato sliced vertically
  10. 4-5 small pieces of dark olive
  11. ½ onion flat sliced.
  12. Mozzarella cheese or normal cheese grated.


  1. First whisk the egg with all the spices together
  2. Then apply some oil in a pan, heat the pan for 1-2 minutes on low flame
  3. Then fry the egg and place the bread slice immediately on top of the egg
  4. Once it is cooked for 3-4 minutes flip it on other side let it cook and fry
  5. In the meantime apply pizza or pasta sauce on it evenly
  6. Apply mozzarella cheese or the normal grated cheese
  7. Place the sliced capsicum, tomato and onion on top of it properly
  8. Then add some oregano, little pepper and chili flakes
  9. Lastly cover the pan with the lid and let it cook at a low flame until the veggies are soften and baked

Your delicious and healthy pizza is ready.

4. Vegetable Egg Maggi

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Getting bored with eating regular meals? Try the best and the easiest way to satisfy the hunger with some different type of meal.

Maggi and Egg garnished with some vegetables and cheese can be so satisfying and pleasing that it simply cannot be described in words.

Even though this food does not belong to not so healthy category, the taste is flawless. Having said that, if you are on a diet or avoiding food which can add weight, this is not suited for you.

So let’s get started with the ingredients.

Ingredients required:

  1. Take 2-3 Egg whisked.
  2. 1 Maggi
  3. 1 table spoon of red chili flakes.
  4. ½ tablespoon of black pepper
  5. Salt as per required taste.
  6. 2 ½ table spoon of butter
  7. ½ capsicum finely chopped
  8. ½ carrot finely chopped.
  9. 1 ½  spring onion finely chopped
  10. ½ tomato finely chopped
  11. ½ table spoon of green chili chopped finely.
  12. 1 cheese blocked (grated).


  1. Take the egg and whisk it with all the spices together.
  2. Then take then take a pan, apply 2-3 table spoon of butter heat it for 1-2 minutes.
  3. Then add the chopped spring onion and sauté it for 3-4 minutes.
  4. After that add all the chopped veggies to it sauté it for 1-2 minutes.
  5. Then add some salt as per required taste and cook it for 2-3 minutes.
  6. Add 1 ½ cup of water into it and boil the veggies.
  7. Immediately put the Maggi into it and close the pan with the lid.
  8. After 2 minutes, open the lid & Sauté the Maggi for ½ minute and then add the Maggi tastemaker.
  9. After adding the taste maker mix it well and evenly.
  10. Once the Maggi is cooked and softened, add the beaten egg to it.     
  11. Cook it for another 5-6 minutes.

Voila your dish is ready, garnish it with the grated cheese. This will surely satisfy your hunger, keep you full and won’t give you any further cravings.

With this we conclude our top 4 egg recipes that can be made quickly to satisfy your hunger and please the taste buds.

Out of all the 4 recipes, which one did you like the most? Feel free to comment below.

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