The racetrack of Stones – Only Stones race here

Has anyone ever heard of the stones that migrate from one place to another leaving behind the trail marks? We all have seen studied and traveled on Boats, Ships that sail on water, and is used as a commuter from place to another place. Some people observed strange sights of a trail marks left behind on the ground in a place called “Death Valley”. A racetrack for the stones which is created by stones.

People who observed these strange sight questions about the possibility of the trail marks, which were left behind that leads straight to the Stones. These observers when followed the trail marks and witnessed the marks had stopped at a certain point. All these were created by big stones, people were ‘shocked’. This strange event of sailing stone from one place to another caught some researcher’s attention as well.

”Lorenz’s” team calculated the possibility of a stone traveling that is because of weather conditions at night. While they were researching and observing they noticed the stone was weighing more than the normal stones. Some stones weigh 300 to 700 pounds which is roughly around 100 to 300 kgs.

Later, these researchers found these stones started to sail and had stopped in the midway because the wind had caused these stones to travel & leave their trail. These winds acted as an accelerator. It doesn’t stop there, another big reason is small layers of ice, and water gets deposited under the stone and it helps them to move when combined with the force of the wind.

Because of the strong wind, the stones are pushed forward causing them to drift on the smooth floor without any human or animal intervention. The force of the strong wind pushes them forward and the deposited ice and water act as a slippery road. Due to this, these stones are able to slip and sail at night leaving behind a huge trail marks from its original position. Such a phenomenon of theses moving stones is given multiple names like (moving stones, walking stones, and rolling stones), etc.

Isn’t this amazing?

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