Reminisce of childhood – Merry go round video goes viral

How hard it is for us to be happy, we can learn from these kids. A recent video that has gone viral all over the social media making us smile.

In this video, these kids are playing “Marry-Go Round” with a rope tied to their cloth and the other end to a tree stump to support themselves.

These kids swung around the stump by running and floating around a few inches of the ground. Going around and round for 22 seconds this video amazes us and simply makes us smile. This video on social media has crossed 20k views.

They joyfully cheered for each other. Many people reminisced about their childhood after watching this video. This video has got us into the discussion that happiness cannot be bought without money. There is no word to explain how happy they looked while playing.

This video was shared by one of the users on twitter “Supriya Sahu”, she also commented that the simplest thing in our life can bring ‘Happiness and Smile’.

This is not the first time of such video which has gone viral.

There are many videos and pic which went viral when kids were playing carrom and on the flat ground (Board made of ‘Mud’) as well.


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