Selfie Almost kills Two Girls in River “Pench”

Fantasy and performing a dangerous stunt by clicking a picture nearby a raging river might look and sound cool but an attempt of doing this misadventure might cost one’s life.

In this image and video, we can see an attempt of clicking a picture in the middle of the running river in “Madhya Pradesh” failed miserably.

Being unnoticed the current of water increased drastically which caused those two girls to trapped in the middle of the river on a huge rock. This incident took place in the state of Chhindwara district.

Here’s a quick video of two girls…

These two girls were from the group of six girls who had gone for a picnic near the river “Pench”.

Two girls (Stuck in river) were identified as “Megha Jawre and Vandana Tripathi”.

Amongst the six girls two of them, ‘Megha Jawre’ and ‘Vandana Tripathi’ walked in the middle of the river to click photo(Selfie) which went horribly wrong.

They were clicking their selfie with the smartphone hoping to get more likes and views on social media, but their dreams and thoughts backfired by getting them trapped in the middle of a raging running river.

Before the scene became more worse their friends called out cops for help.

Thankfully when the policemen arrived they saw the girls in the middle of the river on a rock.

Policemen quickly came up with a plan to rescue these selfie girls and it required a team of 12 personnel along with the local distirct people to execute the rescure plans.

After being rescued girls were grievously injured during this mission.

Many people lose their life when clicking selfies. A similar incident took place in 2018 (Hyderabad) when a man got hit by a running train as he was in the attempt of clicking a selfie on a railway track. Though he manages to survive, it may have surely given him a lesson of a lifetime.

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