10 Small Bathroom Ideas for your Dream House

The bathroom is one of the important places in our house. In fact, it’s a crucial part of our life as we use it to maintain our daily hygiene.

Not many have the privilege of having a luxurious bathroom using materials that may cost a fortune for an average individual.

But wait!!

This certainly does not mean you cannot have a great bathroom. Yes, that’s right, you can certainly have a great looking bathroom under a very tight budget.

We have compiled a list of top 10 small bathroom ideas that are not only pocket friendly but also gives that rich and expensive looks.

If that was not enough, the layouts shown below will definitely give you a feeling of being spacious.

Let’s take a quick look at the top 10 layouts for small bathrooms.

1. Smart Bathroom Idea

While doing research on small bathroom layout’s this is something that caught our attention.

If we look at this bathroom layout, you will find that each and every items are placed smartly to save space and make it look spacious.

This simple looking bathroom includes flooring with Antislip tiles, Washbasin with a small plant beside it, a round mirror on top of it, and bathtub.

Black curtain and white wall makes it even more impressive.

A rectangular-shaped brick design on the wall gives a retro look to the bathroom and also due to the white color it gives us that bright and rich look.

2. Classic Bathroom Idea

The makeover of this bathroom seems to be very simple, a simple and subtle look can be very attractive.

Many people don’t like things to be fancy. Having said that big mirror, classic washbasins, and tap can be very interesting.

Wooden finishing to the slab and Huge windows for the vents also looks attractive. Aside from being calming and stylish, this bathroom holds everything in place.

3. Black bathroom

Who doesn’t want a stylish bathroom in their house? This makeover offers a black-colored wall with a mirror just above the washbasin.

A small tree pot can make you feel good, furthermore, the Aroma, and the atmosphere that dwells in will never make you leave your bathroom.

Wooden colored tiles make you feel standing on the wood and also make it look expensive.

Also, the room is not extremely bright, this helps to adjust the eyes to the light and gives a calm environment.

4. Chequered Floored bathroom

Chequered Flooring is another type of retro-looking bathroom.

This type of design offers flooring with chequered tiles and white background.

In the above image, there are small spaces filled with pot plants which gives a positive vibe the moment you enter the bathroom.

It also changes the atmosphere and the environment. This makeover of the bathroom can be very attractive and suitable for those struggling with space.

5. Full white Layout

This design definitely caught our attention, especially for two main reasons.

  • This design is extremely suitable for those who don’t have much space
  • The white layout makes your bathroom appear larger and expensive

The thoughtful layout is unique and special.

Furthermore, the main focus is on the fine finishing, and with white color, it’s extremely easy on your eyes.

The white layout gives positive vibes and will never make you leave your bathroom.

With a single tap and big mirror, the overall layout simply gives amazing look.

6. Orange bathroom

If you look at this layout for the first instance, it gives an orange look but the bathroom is actually bright-colored, as the texture and the walls give an amazing look.

This layout will surely change the perception of the style that can be done in a small bathroom.

A round mirror above the basin and small pot beside the basin will surely change the atmosphere and enhance the looks.

1/3rd of the bathroom has a white background and the other side is dark yellow which gives a perfect match to the bathroom.

7. Oval Bathroom

A purely retro style bathroom, mostly these kinds of bathrooms are seen in Persian bathrooms, an oval-shaped mirror, and retro look makes us feel back in the time of the Persian era.

This makeover gives us an amazing look, one will never leave the bathroom.

Small plants can take care of the environment and maintain the calmness of the room. The lights are also very soothing and very eye-catching.

8. Simple white bathroom layout

This is yet another budget bathroom makeover idea, especially for small bathrooms.

This idea can be very cost-efficient, the layout above will surely save the money by coloring the room white.

The white color also gives a soothing effect to our mind once we enter into this type of layout.

Adding to it white curtains and white tub will never make you leave your tub.

9. The Classy layout

This Unique style of the bathroom makeover can be very interesting and amazing.

Precisley shaped bathtub and the wash basin slab looks very attractive.

The walls of the room are shaped like bricks also the lights are very soothing and easy on eyes.

Bathroom makeover of this style can be very cost-efficient as there is no fancy stuff needed.

10.) Classic Design II

This type of unique bathroom is usually seen in hotels, the makeover of this bathroom is very unique as there are patterns created on the walls and the flooring is so simple.

The Washbasin and a small pot plant with lavender flowers make it more interesting and amazing.

The aroma from the plants will surely change the environment, also it will create an atmosphere where one will simply enjoy being there.

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