Strongest punch in the animal kingdom

According to some researchers, the punch of the shrimp is so powerful that it can break the glass. There are two main groups of such shrimps based on their shapes, sizes, and purpose of their claw appendage. The Slicer Shrimp is one of the shrimp that have sharp claw appendage, if any human is hit with that fast-moving claw then one needs to get stitches. Another type of shrimp is Clubber Shrimp which has blunt end appendage that imposes a brutal force from its claw, which causes trauma and can leave a nasty hole or even break through a thumbnail.

According to Marine biologists and some researchers have found that the force imposed or produced by Mantis shrimp through its claw appendage is a result of muscle and a saddle. As muscle power cannot deliver such power alone, Mantis shrimp uses saddle which is ‘U’ shaped placed just above the claw muscle (smasher). The Mantis shrimp then uses its muscle power to compress the saddle just like a spring which holds its back with a latch mechanism and then releases this potential energy which drives the claw appendage forward with the brutal force. The claw is made up of variable composite which means that the shrimp can make up the strength and vary the material orientation wherever and whenever they need it.    

This enormous speed and acceleration imposed from Clubber Shrimp’s claw are similar to the acceleration of a .22 caliber bullet. Their claw force travels about 23 meters per second which makes a short/low sound and generates about 8000 G’s that creates a cavitation bubble (vacuumed) thereby also creating heat and light. If the above video is watched in slow motion one can see the light and heat created after anything is hit by its claw. This packs about the biggest and the strongest punch in the animal kingdom for their size. Mantis Shrimp has been renowned for shattering the glass of an aquarium in which they have been held. As people around the world were unaware that how to keep them contained, now after the incidents of shattering the aquarium glasses, they are now aware that Mantis shrimps need to be contained in an acrylic container.

We are so lucky to have such existence of an incredible animal in our world with unique body features.

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