Few Superheroes who can lift THOR’S hammer

As the legend says, not all superheroes are “special and Worthy” who are able to lift ‘Mjolnir’ (Thor’s hammer)

In ancient (Norse mythology) mythology, Mjolnir – the Hammer of Thor, is considered one of the most fearsome and powerful weapons in existence, capable of releasing lighting from it.

Ancient mythology says “Mjolnir” is forged by Dwarven blacksmiths, by using the fictional Asgardian metal ‘uru’.

The side of the hammer has its name scripted “Whosoever holds the Hammer, if someone worthy, He / She shall possess the power of Thor & able to lift the hammer (Mjolnir)” which is further toughened by a magical spell from Thor’s father ‘Odin’, these rules only apply to superheroes who are enlightened & morally pure, Well not only superheroes but the entire family of Odin’s are capable of lifting & destroying the Hammer & it’s power.

1. Captain Marvel

One of the superheroes named “Captain Marvel” Can possibly Lift Thor’s Hammer ‘Mjolnir’. Captain Marvel is perfectly capable of picking up the ‘Mjolnir ‘as she is like ‘superman’ powers gifted by the creator himself.

2. Captain America

Another superhero who came to existence was named-Captain America has the power, not at the same level but his moral purity makes him worthy and capable enough to lift Mjolnir in Avenger’s Endgame Movie.

3. Hela

In the movie, Thor Ragnarok-thor’s older sister (Hela) is officially the daughter of Odin’s & Loki’s older adopted sister. She was born before Thor and was Odin’s heir before he banished her. She has the power to lift, destroy & crush the “Mjolnir”, being thor’s older sister she also enlightened one like Thor & Loki.

4. Vision

It’s a complete shock later in the film (Avenger age of Ultron) when Vision (Paul Bettany) effortlessly lifts up the thor’s hammer to hand it to the Asgardian God. So it’s true vision has the ability & power to lift ‘Mjolnir’, it is said by the vision(superhero) that the rules of the Odin’s don’t apply, it is only for human & vision was not a human.

5. Loki

Loki-Adopted Son of Odin’s Asgardian Royal Family, Being the younger brother of thor is capable of lifting thor’s hammer as he also was given powers by Odin(father) himself, as we all see Loki, he always plays villain’s role in movies trying to beat his brother thor to gain all the powers & become invincible.

6. Superman

Superman is one of the most powerful characters amongst all superheroes but hasn’t depicted in any ‘Avengers’ movie.

Though being a superior character of DC we all await to see such an event (collaborating of DC character & Marvel character) in a movie. Being human-like form ‘Superman’ is not Human he is from a different planet crash-landed on earth adopted by a human being, foster mother name called Martha who adopted & raised him given a name called “Clark”-Superman. In all the movies & series Superman is called “Man of Steel”, it is likely to say that Superman might be able to lift Thor Hammer (Mjolnir) effortlessly.

7. Thanos

Thanos is a villain in movie avenger’s infinity & avenger’s endgame played a negative role, though being a villain he is much capable of picking up & striking hit with the thor’s Hammer.

We have also seen him dodging all the strikes by thor with the hammer & counter striking back with the same Hammer.

Thanos is also capable of lifting & striking with the Storm Breaker which is the latest Mjolnir (Hammer axe) used by thor at present. It is all possible due to the precious stones he had on this hand of all superheroes.

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