Winning Takeshi’s castle is more challenging than travelling to Moon

‘Takeshi’s Castle’ is an amazing game which was first introduced in the year 1990 and later it was broadcasted out to many countries in the year 2007. It was an amazing and fun loving game to watch.

People participating in the game also enjoyed playing all the games with challenges. It used to be a 1hr episode which was broadcasted on Pogo channel- launched in January 01, 2004.

Takeshi’s castle was one of the fun loving game in those days. One of most viewed game was the dogging the stones on water in which, one need to carefully step on the correct stone and run to the other end of the water, those who were unsuccessful in doing so were eliminated from the game.

Here’s a quick sneak peak of the game:

Another game which was mostly showed and people participated was the wood roller which was placed above the water. All they need to do is balance the body weight while moving on to another roller if anyone slips and fall down, that person is out of the game and if he wins then that person gets another chance to play another part of that game. It was like winning the particular challenge and moving on to the next stage just like video games.

It was the best entertainment channel and serial of that decade, nothing can beat it. Another one of the most viewed game was the ‘Maze Runner’, though the name seems quite similar to the movie ‘Maze Runner’ but actually is not the movie, this game is completely different. This game consists of many small rooms which doesn’t have any lock and on the other side eliminator also participates in order to catch the participant, so one actually need to find his way out of the maze in order to win the challenge by dogging the eliminator.

With Maze Runner the rules are almost similar, if the participant gets caught they are eliminated from the game and if he/she wins, they move on to the next stage. Participants those who won the subsequent challenges, move on the next stage and lastly all the finalists together fights with the Boss (The Game Organizer).

The final game starts with fighting on a small tanks, wherein participants needs to protect their lollipop shaped stick made up of paper from the opposition Boss and their troops which consists of 8 people. If anybody survive the fight till the end and manages to protect the paper stick then that participant is announced as winner of the game.

So why Takeshi’s castle is more challenging than travelling to Moon? Well, that because we only have 8 winners in Takeshi’s castle whereas 12 have been to the moon.

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