Tesla’s Future Plans for electricity

The word Tesla is derived from the name of a great scientist [Nikola Tesla]. Tesla’s invention was already way ahead of its generation back in those days.

Nikola Tesla was a Serbian-American engineer and physicist (1856-1943). He has contributed a lot to the design of modern alternating current. He was credited for inventing the first (AC) current motor.

The most unique design which draws people’s attention was the invention of providing free energy.

This invention was patented and was the proven method of Utilizing radiant energy, It was successfully demonstrated but never completed.

Tesla also knew that it is possible to wirelessly send out electricity through magnetic induction. He also imagined supplying electricity to the world wirelessly without any wire string.

Electricity running through the wire creates an oscillating magnetic field this process causes the nearby coils’ electron to oscillate and transmit power wirelessly.

This dream of tesla is still alive in Japan, as a space agency in Japan is in the process of developing a solar satellite that would transmit power back to earth in microwaves.

Here’s quick video of Tesla coil, Discharging electricity

Credit: Michael Wolgast

This is the largest Tesla coil in the world, capable of discharging 3 million volts.

Due to the high voltage discharge, a normal phone cannot be charged from it because the phone and the charger have a lot of things to deal with but yes one can definitely destroy their phone with the Tesla coil.

Day to Day uses of Tesla Electricity

Tesla coil electricity can be used on appliances or apparatus which are gas filed and that can be operated directly from its output. For examples like ionized gas, neon lightning, fluorescent tube lighting, or other vapor or gas lamps can be lit.

Tesla uses an AC coil instead of a DC coil. As of 1980 the cost-effective distance for transmitting direct current was determined to be 7000 km, if compared with tesla coil it can transmit 4000 km.

We all wait for the day when Nikola Tesla’s dream will be true, as this will definitely help us to get rid of electrical strings hanging around, instead the energy will be transmitted wirelessly.

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