Visiting this Lake can be life-threatening

Natron Lake is the deadliest lake in the world. People around the world don’t visit such a lake as the rumors say any animal that drinks the water turns into a stone. This Lake is a mixture of Salt and Soda Lake which is in Tanzania, located in Gregory rift at the border with Kenya.

This lake contains alkaline water that has a pH level as high as 10.5 at such a high level of pH it can be very dangerous for humans. It can burn the skin and eyes of animals that cannot inhabit it. The reason for the alkalinity of this water comes from the mineral that flows from the hills around. The minerals in the water contain sodium carbonate, calcium carbonate, and other minerals, etc. due to this the color of the lake which makes it red.

Swimming into this lake can be caustic. The water’s alkalinity can burns the skin of creatures as the pH level is 10.5, these minerals are being carried out by volcanoes such as ‘Ol Doinyo Lengai’ which is 20 kilometer to the south from the lake. As it produces the main ingredients to make the lake unfavorable. The molten mixtures of sodium carbonate and calcium carbonate salts mix with each other and flows through the hills. Such minerals that flow into the river and cause any animal to lose their life as they are not adapted to it. It also calcifies any animals like birds, fish, etc. And they get dry due to which it is preserved perfectly. This is caused because of the salt and soda in the lake. Lake Natron is truly not a habitable place for life.

There are some creatures that live in the lake like some algae, bacteria, and few fish which have adapted to it as there is very little salty water around the edge (border) of the lake. Some underwater living things might survive.

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Natron lake
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