10 Best & Easy Wall Hanging Decor Ideas

Combination of great house and Empty walls can at times look ugly especially when other sides of wall have something on it like photos, wall hanging TV’s and so on.

If one wall has your important stuffs like TV’s, shelf’s and other hanging items and the other one does not have anything, it just looks so empty and not so good.

Also, you need not spend fortune on just decorating the empty wall.

Walls can actually be decorated in an extremely cost effeective way.

Here are some of the best and easy ways to decorate your wall under budget, most of them can be decorated using raw materials that are already available at home, for example, Bottles & Hairbands.

1. Wall Hanging Home decor – Reusing rubber bands and card boards

This Wall hanging decoration idea is the easiest and simplest way to make your house look more beautiful and lively.

This is the perfect time to prepare and decor our house with household materials due to the arrivals of all the festivals.

It can also be used to hide the cracks on the wall and can keep it unnoticed by hanging this decor on top of it.

To make this of decoration you will need the following stuff:

1.) A small piece of cardboard 10 inches long and 5 inches in width
2.) 13-15 Hairbands with multi-colors
3.) 1 small piece of chart paper 8-9inches in length and 6-7 inches in width.
4.) Glue as required, needle and multi-color thread
5.) Silver color or multi-color Beads and 4 Popsicles sticks.
6.) You can stick your Photo space also to look more attractive.

2. Wall hanging home decor (using plastic bottles)

This amazing artwork will make your house look bright and colorful, it can be hanged to the wall and can also be hanged to the ceiling suspended.

This beautiful artwork can be done at home using only the household materials.

Materials required:

1.) A Big Plastic bottle of 1.2 liters emptied
2.) Multi-color Beads and Shiny piece of metal or glass which reflects.
3.) Multi-color Woolen thread and glue

Here’s a quick video of it.

You can also put or stick small pics of yours selfies etc, to look more attractive.

3. Home Decor with Medicine Wrapper

This is the easiest and quickest way to prepare and decorate your house. Multicolor can be used to color the background of the cardboards.
This beautiful artwork can be done by using just household stuff.

Material Required:

1.) Used and emptied 2-3 Medicine Wrapper
2.) Poster colors and Small Square Cardboard
3.) Fabric Glue and Multi-color beads
4.) Multi-color Threads

Here’s a quick video that shows how to make this at home:

4. Wall Hanging Decoration using Wood Ring and Wool

Yet another amazing work of art created with homemade materials.
Just like other ideas above this too is easy.

This is the fastest and easiest way to decorate your house with multiple and various color threads. It can not only be used to hang to the wall but also use it to hang to the ceiling suspended alone.

Material Required:

1.) A Wooden ring
2.) Thin Jute Yarn rope
3.) Woolen Thread

Here’s a video of this art work

Another way to make this artwork more attractive is by putting an electric bulb in the middle of the space.

5. Wall Hanging with CD’s

This artwork requires only the used CS’s and few more craft items.

Decorating your wall with CD’s also ensures that you are making use of used CD’s in the best possible manner.

This decor idea will actually make your house look beautiful and glowing.

The shiny parts of it reflect all the lights in our house. This is the most easiest way to prepare and make your house beautiful.

It can also be hung in front of your door just like the musical Shantel, although it won’t make any sound but will reflect light and look awesome.

Materials Required:

1.) 3-4 CD
2.) A small piece of Sandpaper
3.) Glue and woolen thread
Here’s a quick video of this amazing artwork

6. Wall Hanging Decor Idea using a Watch

Here’s another artwork that can be done using household material only.
It is pretty awesome as the wall looks more attractive and lively.

This is the perfect time to create some decorative artwork and make your home look great.

Using just a simple wall watch and with some creativity, you can not only make it look great on the wall but also hide the cracks on the wall.

Materials Required:

1.) A Wall watch
2.) 2 Multi-color chart paper
3.) Glue

Remember the measurement shown in this video are as per the watch size.

Here’s a quick video of this fine art work in action


7. Wall hanging Idea using paper and craft work

Another piece of fine artwork that is super easy and can be done by anyone at home.

This artwork can make any walls look stunning especially due to the craft work involved in this idea.

In this decor idea, we can fill in the gaps by putting some family photos or your selfies, which will make your wall look more attractive.

Materials required:

1.) Multi-color chart paper
2.) Glue and some of your Art skills.

Here’s a quick video of this tutorial

8. Wall art Tree Design using nutshells and native art skills

This art-work requires only your artistic skills.

All you need is drawing of a beautiful pictures on the wall. So here’s an easy and simplest artwork where a tree is drawn on the wall and shells are used as birds.

The buds are dipped in poster color to get that rich look.

Materials Required:

1.) A permanent marker
2.) Some nutshells and Few Ear-buds.

9. Wall Hanging Frame using paper craft

This artwork can not only create an attractive wall but also hide all cracks on the wall (if any). It is the easiest and simplest of all home decor ideas discussed in this article. All you need is a chart-paper and make a frame out of it.

With this frame, putting a family picture or a selfie can make this artwork more attractive.

Materials Required:

1.) Chart paper
2.) Glue
3.) Photos

Here’s a quick video of this creative art work in action


10. DIY Large Photo Frame for Large Walls

Last but not least, we have liked this design so much that it definitely has to be on our list.

These frames not only give you a rich look but also very affordable.

To build these frames you need not spend a fortune. Off course not everyone has large and empty walls to make space for this type of decoration, but those who have a large and empty wall, this design is worth considering.

You can learn how to make this here.

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